Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 20/08/2011

In Absentia – Day Eight (Absentia, why so serious?)

I really should go back to the same spot where I took this photograph and have a better go at this image – it’s almost there, but not quite happy with it yet. The idea is a simple one, the execution slightly trickier especially when you don’t have a tripod with you. With the camera firmly on a tripod, with a spirit level to ensure that the camera is level (the slanted horizon screams out at me every time) and a cable release, I would try and slow the picture down even more to ensure the blacks were black and the whites were, well, white. I might even experiment with some graduated filters to see if I could get more detail into our out of the darker areas, either that or position the image so that there is less of the foreground and more of the light rays.

Of course the final thing to do with the image is to have a silhouette of a small child, possibly holding a teddy bear right in the centre where the light is concentrated, and then have part of Mike Oldfield’s tubular bells (you know the bit) playing as you look at it. To really finish off the photo, I’d make it an animated gif, so that every now and then intense red eyes glow from the child. Hmmm, thinking about it, perhaps my medium isn’t really photography, perhaps I need to think about making a movie…Darlink!

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