Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 19/08/2011

In Absentia – Day Seven (Absentia, the Next Generation)

Here’s a puzzle for you, not sure if I’ve asked you before… guess how many of my many thousands of photos (over 2000 on Flickr and 160,000 on my file server) I have handing on the wall of my house? 5? 10? 25?… erm.. none actually. I do have over 20 pictures now printed out current part of my first exhibition (see the more section for a link some more info on it) and when they return they may well end up on the wall (or the bin!).

This does have some relevance to today’s image, unlike some of my recent Blog entries. I have had this one printed out by a commercial printer at A3, and it’s a very atmospheric photo, so much so that I will actually purchase a frame for it and hang in the house somewhere. The only problem is I don’t want to get too familiar with any of my photos to the extent I come to hate them (as you do when you hear a song on the radio the first time, but come to despise by the 100th play (unless it’s Stand and Deliver by Adam Ant or anything by the Cardiacs (the later is less likely so I can say that safely.. sadly))). Phew, that has to be the deepest I’ve nested a side comment.

The photo was taken late afternoon, but obviously the sand, sky, people etc weren’t really that colour – I’ll hang my head in shame here, it was done during.. p-p-p-o-s-t p-p-p-r-r-ocessing (that’s the first step to conquering my fears, saying them aloud) – well, I didn’t really need to tell you did I – it is pretty obvious. The only way it would like this normally would be if there were four horsemen riding in the sky towards oblivion – queue the band playing Flight of the Valkyrie.


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