Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 16/08/2011

In Absentia – Day Four (Absentia Strikes Back)

This has to be one of my favourite panoramas that I’ve produced, and I love it because of it’s apparent simplicity. The picture has a limited pallet, there’s no real focal point, nothing to lead you through the photo or tell a story so in terms of photographic rules.. it fails. Of course the most important of all photographic rules, apart from having a device by which you can record an image on some medium (I know I’m being pretty vague here, but people have taken photographs on huge sheets of paper, using an aircraft hanger as the camera obscura) is that there aren’t really any rules.

Of course there are guidelines, as suggested above, but that’s all they are – a set of criteria that can be used to make for a more pleasing photograph but ultimately it’s what you like or the person you’ve taken the photo for likes that’s important. I used to read all the camera magazines I could get my hands on when I was first starting out – trying to learn all I could from the pages within – I’m not sure how much I’ve learnt from them, with the exception of the photoshop tutorials but their words should not be taken as gospel. If you like your photo, that’s all that matters.

Having said all that, I am planning to put together some camera and post-processing tutorials whilst I’m away some of which I’ll be adding to this website… some you’ll be able to cross my palm with silver, gold or even plastic to have access. How hypocritical of me, to first try and dissuade you from following the rules etc and then expect you to pay for some tuition where you will learn the rules (hypocritical or a good marketing ploy? I’ll let you make your mind up on that one (it’s the later!))

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