Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/08/2011

In Absentia – Day One (the sequel)

A departure for today’s blog image from the normal image I post, but I thought I should show that I do occasionally notice the landscape where my wildlife subjects reside and that I can take landscape photos every once in a while.  Looking back through my digital photos, which now takes in 11 years worth, amazingly there are far more scenic and wide angle shots than there are in the last few years.  Previously I didn’t have the type of camera equipment that allowed me to specialise in the type of photography I’m engaged in, and so closeups of birds, animals and flowers were much less prevalent (though not absent of course).

I bought my first digital camera back in 2000, an Olympus C3000 which at the time was one of the best and most affordable compact cameras, but still set me back over £450.  It had a massive 3.14Mpixel sensor, a 1.8inch LCD display, max iso of 400, a slow zoom and don’t even get me started on the shutter lag.. it was abominable but it did have an f2.8 – F11 lens that zoomed form 32mm to 96mm equivalent on a 35mm camera and despite of all the negative aspects to the camera (which I nearly took back!) it managed to reignite my love of photography (I had had a film SLR for a number of years before this and if I could get the film winder mechanism fixed, I’d use it again, it was such a good camera (Fujica STX-1N – you can pick one up on ebay for £10!!!)). I’m amazed how little I used the camera when I first went out – I treated it in the same way I had a film camera, as if I had to pay for every pixel that I used, in the way I would have if I were using film.

How different times are now, with cheap memory cards, and plentiful storage – as mentioned when returning from Kenya, I totalled up how many photos I’d taken – 4818! As you more often than not would get a couple of extra frames out of a film than stipulated, using a 36 frame film I would have needed to take 127 of them with me.  The logistics of this alone is beyond comprehension – storage, heat, cold, x-rays,light leak, dust. Shudder – how much easier digital is, and I don’t mean that in a lazy way, it’s just more convenient.  I can take over 650 photos (remember I only shoot JPG! – I know that means I’m not a serious or professional photographer but I can live with that label) on an 8Gb SD card which is around the same size as a UK postage stamp.  This compactness does mean it’s also easier to loose 650 photos – at the moment I have three memory cards that seem to have gone walk about in the house and despite having searched everywhere, they are still managing to allude me!


  1. Beautiful colors, beautiful landscape, beautiful shot! You may say that you are not a professional or serious photographer but your shot says you are good at what you’re doing..

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