Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 12/08/2011

Why the long face?

My last batch of photos before I jet off for warmer climes… except we’re not jetting off, we’re driving and the weather wont be that much different to what it is here (let’s hope it’s not worse!). This time tomorrow, I should have been at Dartmoor Zoo for two and a half hours, hoping to have photographed the Jaguar, Linx, Cheetahs and Raccoons just as a start.

Sadly there aren’t any giraffes at Dartmoor Zoo,yet, though i wont exactly be disappointed they’re pretty unusual creatures and all that but they’re herbivores which are okay in their own right but we all know carnivores are more fun! Of course, only the Cheetah amongst the big cat family can compete with the style, grace and elegance of the giraffe but the former is endowed with such a turn of pace that you know it won’t be choosing the salad of the restaurant menu.

Now, that is what I call good timing; I had purchased a 16Gb micro SDHC (if that’s doesn’t mean anything to you, good on ya’ – means you probably get out a bit more than me!) for the new android tablet the post man has just delivered it in time. I can see this device will replace all the electronic bits of kit (bar the phone) that I take away with me. Whilst there is a built in 5Mpixel camera – I don’t think, if fact I know, it won’t be replacing my beloved 1D4 and 600mm combination.

Today’s images were taken on the Masai Mara only a short time before we arrived at the Mara crossing I chronicled yesterday. Making our way through some scrub land, we slowed down as we approached this group of 17 individuals, of varying ages who were sedately eating from the surrounding foliage. A treat indeed, and all the while, none of th individuals looked even mildly concerned by our presence.

Wahoo, I’ve just had an email by somebody working for a department of the United Nations Environment Programme who want to use one of my photos on their website… well, it would be rude not to say yes (and the address is Bonn, Not Nigeria!)



  1. Lovely pics as usual Andrew.

    Hope you have a safe journey and an enjoyable outing tomorrow sounds like a great zoo.

    Nice to know someone is interested buying something for a change, make sure you charge them at least ‘something’, I’m sure you know the old saying, “if you don’t value your work, then no one else will”. And besides, even if you have another job that pays the bills, you owe it to your fellow togs who don’t have that luxury, plus you have to think about your future and what you want to do. Moreover, the quality of your is as good as many, many wildlife togs who are earning big bucks.

    Ooops! I am so Sorry…I’m going off on one….comes from consulting and training businesses how to start-up and how to grow for 20 years. AND, having prospective clients wanting my work for free. My wife is continually telling me STOP telling people what to do!!

    Good luck for tomoz.

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