Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 08/08/2011

I’m a chicken hawk and I’m after chicken

I have often seen pictures of this type of bird on various photographic forums on the Internet where people have asked for an ID of the bird (though some are just showing their images as well) but didn’t think I would have the opportunity to photograph the bird myself unless I went over to the USA. The bird is a Red-Tailed Hawk, though it’s also known as a Chickenhawk (I’ll let you guess why), is wide-spread through the US, the closest comparison in the UK is the Buzzard in terms of size, weight and distribution. They look pretty similar as well until the Red-Tailed Hawk takes to the wing, and then it becomes apparent why the bird is so named (we’re still referring to the Red-tailed name, not the chickenhawk version – it’s not that it flies like a chicken, that wouldn’t result in a highly successful raptor species).

With the exception of this blog and flickr, I seem to be lacking a photographic challenge at the moment to get my teeth into, never a good thing and as I haven’t been out with my camera gear for three weeks, I feel like one of the caged big cats that I so frequently photograph. Admittedly, when I have had the opportunity the weather has been appalling, and whilst I have the studio setup, it takes up a lot of space in the lounge and is a faff to then put away. I know, I know I’m making excuses but if you saw the size of the portable back drop you might think twice before you set it up.

So what other projects could I attempts? Ideally I would be allowed access to Reading Festival for free with all my camera gear (and my friend who attends each year with me) to photograph the wide variety of bands that play there, as well as some of the “colourful” crowd. With Autumn just around the corner, and the inclement weather upon us, we should soon start to see the proliferation of mushrooms in the woods nearby. I have been out already, scouting, and have already spotted some Jelly-Antler fungus developing nicely, though they won’t be ready for another month, barely being visible at the moment.

I’m hoping for some more exotic species this year, and now know where some Fly Agarics should sprout, and for once I don’t have to travel too far as they are present in someone’s garden in the village who I will approach once they are fruiting. I have some great photos of mushrooms from several years ago but I’ve not been out with the 1D to photograph them – I will redress that this year. Oh I’m such a Fun-gi!



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