Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 05/08/2011


It just goes to show what 12 hours can do to improve a photograph, and I’m not referring to 12 hours sitting with Photoshop (I’ve told you before, step away from the graphics program) but how dramatically the weather can change to improve a photograph. This photo was taken the morning after the blog before, and the contrast is marked.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the photographing the pelicans the evening before, as I’ve already mentioned in these daily journals, but nothing compares to photographing in the perfect lighting conditions. After having arrived in the doom and gloom of low light and rain, the following morning couldn’t have been more of a contrast and whilst it was still pleasantly cool the sun was peaking from behind a peak with promise of a very promising day (it’s late, it’s Friday, I’m tired and these blogs don’t write themselves you know, cut me some slack! (oh go on, please?)). Well it the sun lived up to it’s promise and the photos, many of which you have seen before were some of the best photos I took whilst in Africa – and I certainly count this one amongst them.

I’ve never been that interested in the Antelopes when visiting zoos – they’re more fodder for the more interesting and dangerous predators which draw the majority of the public. If, however, you go to Africa, and more specific visit one of the Nature Reserves or any wild area, you’ll see such creatures in their natural habitat and you’ll find you can’t help but start to like them. The description given for a Topi by our Masai guide, William, was particularly enchanting.. suede/tan jacket, blue jeans and yellow socks – go and look at a picture of one, I defy you not to laugh!

The waterbuck, picture, is a particularly majestic creature, and despite it’s large size amongst the antelope family is no less nervous than the smallest of the species, the dik-diks (no jokes please, this is a family friendly blog) though it might stand a bit of a better chance with a line than it’s more diminutive relative. Waterbuck or Dik-dik, which one would win? Well, there’s only one way to find out… F-I-G-H-T!


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