Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 01/08/2011

I want Spam, Spam, Spam, Egg, Beans and Spam..

but without the Egg and Beans.  Unrelated (for the moment) can you see a trend forming over the last couple of weeks as to which photos are posted on which days ie image from Africa, and more domestic images?  As mentioned I have pictures distributed over three machines, and the machine I use, day in day out, only has one set of photos out of around 7 sets from Africa. As I’ve not been that prepared where my photo of the day is concerned (or anything else come to think of it) I haven’t exported the photos I want to post from my trip to the Southern Hemisphere, so you have to put up with the more recent ones that have been uploaded to the machine I am currently using.

What a Lame excuse!

If a blog’s success is judged by the amount of spam it gets then my blog must be incredibly popular as I’m getting quite a bit each day now. The first time you get some, the message appeals so much to the ego that it makes you want to press Approve on the message until you see the URL it’s actually from and then realise it’s someone trying to promote their business or they’re your long lost Nigerian relative who has a few spare billions to share with you.  Damn, and I was so hoping for more comments! (big thanks to all those who have commented, especially those regulars who take time out of their day to read all this drivel!).

Not to carry on bragging (the least popular of the Carry on series on account of Kenneth Williams not wanting to boast) but my popularity on Flickr is increasing as well.  Along with the increasing traffic to actually view the stuff I put up there (fools!) I’m also getting people adding me as a contact and inviting me to post to groups.  All very gratifying and certainly good for the ego.

I suppose I should actually talk about photos now, and more specifically the photos posted on flickr today which are an example of how the f-stop can drastically alter the look and feel of a photo.  I took these images for this very purpose, you see I even think of you Dear Reader, when out in the field (well, on a track along side a field).  Today’s image was taken at a wide aperture, F5 (not the widest the lens will go but I wanted more than 1mm to be in focus), 1/320s at ISO 500.  Now compare that with this image which was taken at F14, 1/80s at ISO1250 where I wanted more of the flower to be in focus.  You can see the inherent issues with smaller apertures (larger numbers), less light means higher ISO and/or slower shutter speeds.  Here endeth the lesson for today.

I’ve been rather quiet on the blog titles meanings recently though each of them, as with my writing, has been carefully crafted (hahahahahahaha… .yeah right!) to in some way refer to the image or the blog.  Today is pretty obvious, a reference to the blog as well as a Monty Python skit (what do you mean who was Monty Python… you remember him… old Monty..  old Mont… Mon… M???) but if you’ve never had the pleasure (of python – I wouldn’t exactly call eating spam a pleasure – I remember having spam fritters at school… shudder..) here’s for your delectation I give you Messieurs Python and Sons Inc Ltd plc.



  1. Shutup! – bloody Vikings 🙂

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