Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 24/07/2011

Now that’s what I’m talking about…

Well, I was talking about it, yesterday; this is the photo of the Spectacled Owl that shows the difference in the size of its pupils. I’ve been slightly remiss in the filing of my photos on my network server. For the last 4 months I’ve been transferring photos off memory cards on to a couple of machines that have built in memory card readers as transferring 8Gb of data using an external memory card reader takes up to 45 minutes. The photos taken at the Hawk Conservancy were on a machine that I don’t access as much, and so I had to located them once I had powered the machine on. Well, that’s my excuse why I didn’t post this picture with yesterday’s post and I’m sticking to it (the excuse, not the machine).

I’ve managed to pack a lot of photography into this hectic weekend; I took around 22Gb’s worth of photos at the Football Summer BBQ yesterday. I was physically tired after photographing the Parents v Coaches (though not as tired as all the players who all gave it 110%), I was so engrossed in the match that I didn’t put the camera down until I’d filled the only two memory cards I had with me ( the other 4 cards have gone walk about).

Today was another good day; we have a very friendly little bird that hangs out at the bottom of our garden which I’ve wanted to photography for a couple of weeks. I’d seen it flitting about but hadn’t managed a good enough view of it to positively ID the bird. A couple of weeks ago I was sitting out in the garden when it hopped down fairly close to me – having been able to see it so clearly I was able to see that it was a juvenile Robin. The markings on its head are so distinctive that I vowed to take it’s picture – well, today I had the ideal opportunity and I wasn’t disappointed. Having watched where the bird seemed to land most, I put out a variety of seed in a spot where it couldn’t be easily seen and then took out my camera and lay down on the grass with the camera resting on it’s tripod mount and propped up with my beanbag. I didn’t have to wait long until the little Robin hopped down to the exact spot I had baited, click click and I’d got the photo I’d been after. Whilst I’m pleased with photo, I will be out again with the camera, and I’ll be using some of the macro extension tubes as the bird got closer that my lens was able to focus on. Still, I was bob bob bobbing along when I got the shot I wanted.


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