Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 23/07/2011

Doh Ray Me So Far Lah Tee Doh…..

I have no idea what today’s image is going to be for this blog, at the moment. Currently, I’m transferring all the images from the football team summer BBQ onto a laptop in the cool and quiet of the village hall. The event is another success and everyone is having a fantastic time.

As I mentioned I managed to finish the team shots in time, and have stuck up several copies around the hall all of which have been well received. So I guess I can add portraiture to the list of photography styles that I have in my arsenal (c’mon you gunners). The most touching thing was during the presentation to coaches and helpers, I also received a present for all the photos I take for the team. Needless to say I have that warm fuzzy feeling at the moment, though that could also be due to the beer that is on offer (actually the warm and fuzzy is all due to the recognition and appreciation – the beer is just helping me mellow out).

As with any deadlines, when all is done and dusted, that’s when one feels like collapsing in a heap and falling asleep. With the exhibition preparations, the trip to Kenya as well as this team shot, I suspect I’ll crumple in huge heap later today.

As much as I enjoy taking photos of the team, and people in general, my real love as if I need to say, is the natural world. I’m continually fascinated by plants, animals, fungi, insects, reptiles in fact anything really. One specific example that had me entranced recently was an encounter with a Spectacle Owl at the Hawk Conservancy (perhaps that will be today’s image)- the bird was sitting sheltered in the darker area of it’s enclosure, with a small shaft of light on it’s flank. As I focused in on its very vivid eyes, I noticed that the pupils of its eyes were acting independently, and that one pupil was very large and one very small. I’d never really thought about the eyes of any creature acting independently, but then I guess they have to, to ensure that the creature can see properly. I was mesmerised for over ten minutes just watching the owl turn it’s head and witnessing its pupils contracting or dilating.

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that image, today’s photo is of a Crowned Plover, taken on the Masai Mara though we did see plenty at Lake Nakuru. A lovely little bird, until it opens it’s mouth that is as it has a rather loud and piercing call. It’s just as well there aren’t any around here, I could do with a snooze.

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