Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 19/07/2011

Say “Aaaahhhh”

You know, I’d never even heard of a yellow-billed stork before I’d ventured over to Kenya – I know some of you might find that a little hard to believe. In fact that wasn’t the only bird I was unable to identify at the time, some still remain nameless (I decided to call them all Jeff, so they didn’t feel left out or insulted). I should have bought a field guide, but I couldn’t seem to find one good enough in Kenya (the images used for the birds were hand drawn and in some cases even knowing what the bird looked liked didn’t help with the comparison on the page!). Of course the real 21st Century way should have been to have an e-book on a tablet (no, not asprin) or even my super wizzy phone – but I neglected this aspect as well.

So what can I tell you about Yellow-billed Storks… they have a yellow bill and.. well, they’re storks… (queue shot of tumble weed rolling across and arid plain).. erm, that’s it I’m afraid, that’s as much as I know about them. Okay, I can make some educated guesses of course, they’re a wading bird, they eat stuff, they wade, they fly, they bring babies to expectant parents… Okay, may be those weren’t too educated – here’s the real facts – they are indeed waders preferring muddy inlets to hunt for crustaceans, small fish, frogs, insects as well as anything they can disturb with their feet in the mud as they wade.

On a tangent, not something I’m known for (and of course I never do so on the blog), I’m making good progress on the Football team photo – and even if I do say so myself, it looks great. My poor, ancient PC is quaking at the seams as I try to edit the files though this may be due more to the amount of photos I have on the machine as opposed to the actual memory, CPU etc. Mind you, it’s probably still more memory and CPU than I have!



  1. I saw your photos in my contacts on flickr, this trip must have been fabulous
    wish I could do the same. Thanks for posting, your blog is interesting.
    Wish you a wonderful day!


    • Thanks – I might be setting up a photo tour to the Masai next year!

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