Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 03/07/2011

In Absentia – Day Six

During a visit to Australia back in 2002, we stopped in an apartment on the edge of tropical rainforest that surrounds South Mission Beach, a well-known tourist spot. Cassowaries regularly visited the garden next to the house, in fact whilst we were there a female and it’s chicks were present, the only problems – I was laid up in bed ill for 2 days and never got to see them.

Today we’ll be mostly, probably, visiting Hallar Park close by to where we are staying. Located in the disused part of an old cement factory, the park is a large animal sanctuary and will be an opportunity to take the cameras out for probably the last time on the trip. As well as various animals we will have seen out on the reserves, there are plants, flowers and reptiles that I’ll be able to use my macro lens to take something a bit different. Well, that’s the plan.

This picture was taken on an incredibly sunny day in the early part of 2011, at Bristol Zoo. You may remember, if you’re a regular, that I mentioned how the Keeper who was present whilst I was taking photos, was using a “clicker” to try to condition the creature to the sound so they could more easily control the animals. I think I’ve had similar pavlovian trials, when ever it’s hot I always fancy a beer!



  1. thoroughly prehistoric looking…. not sure that I really “like” the look of this one!

    • Cassowary are very nervous birds and will lash out with their feet when they feel threatened – I had one do it to me once. I was glad I was behind a wall as they can disembowl you if they came into contact!

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