Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 27/06/2011


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The car thinks it’s 28C, the temperature gauge out in the garden thinks it’s 33C, the kitchen is 24C and I’m sure my office is over 30C – with weather comparable to Kenya, I’m starting to think I should switch to the Antarctic. I think I might take out all the thermals I’ve packed for my trip to Africa, plus all the other cold weather paraphernalia – I certainly won’t need it!

Looking at weather forecasts for the Mara, the weather is actually comparable to the coolest of the above temperatures which will suite me fine – I’m taking along a faux chamois leather. Nope I’m not going to be providing car washing services when I’m there, in hot conditions the acidic sweat from your hands (mind never sweat of course) can gently erode the metal of your equipment. We especially saw this when we were in Singapore many years ago, when the letters on the keys of the laptop I had taken with me slowly started to be worn away even though the laptop was only a few months old (this was the wonderful Fujitsu Siemens LifeBook P-2020, a forerunner to the netbook mould, years before the term netbook was thought of – mind you the price was a little different!).

The crux of the day will be whether the 600mm lens get’s through as hand luggage or whether I’ll have to return to the car and swap it out into it’s flight case. Of all the things, this is the one giving me the most consternation – I can pack my bag in about 10 minutes, I’ve got enough clothes to last, all my camera gear is set – but it’s what will happen at checking that I’m concerned about. In fact, I don’t mind going in the hold myself as long as my lens is safe – it can have my seat, my inflight meal, watch a movie of its choice and even have a G&T if it wants as long as it gets there in one piece.

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