Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 24/06/2011

See You Soon!

If you didn’t know (or hadn’t read the photos title) then you’d be forgiven for not knowing what today’s blog title was all about. Don’t worry I’m not popping round for a cup of tea (I prefer coffee anyway), I’m talking to the AFRICAN Fish Eagle. It’s now seeming really real, that in a couple of days time I’ll be on my way to Kenya.. oh damn, I haven’t packed yet… clean pants, clean socks, tooth-brush, tooth paste and some suntan lotion… there, all done now. There’s something I’m missing, can’t quite put my finger on it… erm… is it… no, not that…. erm…oh hang on, my camera gear!

The coloured graduated filters I’d ordered arrived today, so I have everything I need for trip. The make is cheaper than the ones I already have but they aren’t a cheaply made product, far from it – in fact I may well buy some others when I get back so good are they.

I’ve managed to complete all the blogs bar two which will automatically be published whilst I’m away and I’ve not forgotten about images, but I’m afraid you’ll be revisiting existing images. A bit like my trip, the choice in photos is a bit indulgent but I hope you’ll agree with me that they’re some of my more memorable photos.

I’ve got a few ideas that I want to do with the blog when I get back so I hope you’ll stay with me; that’s all I’m saying for now… ooh aren’t I such a tease!


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