Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 23/06/2011

One That Got Away

The sun it out, the sky is blue and I can’t wait to get home to play with all the new toys that have been delivered today. I certainly know two of my final online orders have been delivered (to a neighbour) today, and hopefully the third and most recent purchase is waiting for me when I arrive (I know, there were two AND’s in that sentence – a grammatical no-no, but I know you can nest AND’s in computer terms and as I’m writing this on a PC, it has to be okay – like that logic? feel free to install it).

My first package will be the studio lights I’ve been waiting for, for my hi-key style portraiture session I’m going to be taking on the 9th July. Not long to practise but the rule of thumb is that the rear lighting has to be two F-Stops lower than the key lights. What the F-Stop is that, I hear you ask, well, first off there’s no need for that kind of language, I certainly won’t tolerate it here – secondly I thought I’d bored you enough with technicalities by now (stalling for time whilst I look up what it means on google!… only joking Dear Reader – and shame on you for thinking I didn’t know).

Of course I’ll be able to do more than just hi-key photography with the new setup, I’ll be able to do low key photography, and perhaps even middle key (isn’t that a musical term?) photography. I think I’ll just stick with the basics, though, whilst I get used to the equipment. The real problem is where I’m going to store all this stuff.

I’ll also be getting my hands on the Z-Pro coloured graduated filters I mentioned a few days back. You may well find some landscape photos posted to day as I play around with them – there are a couple of photos around the village I have in mind and which will be enhanced by one or other of these pieces of kit, so they may well appear today if I have enough time.

Addendum: I’d missed this photo the first time of posting to flickr, so here it is!

Indeed the studio lights were waiting for me when I got home and they certainly are marvellous, and will be even better when I actually use them! The second package was a 1Tb 2.5″ external hard drive, which can be powered off the USB port. Let’s just reflect on that a minute… 1Terabyte of data that’s less than an old size box of matches and which can draw it’s power through a thin cable directly from the computer. Hands up who remembers how awesome 10Mb top loading Winchester disks were and how you spoke of them in hushed tones? Oh come on, it can’t be just me!



  1. Amazing shot..

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