Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/06/2011

Thistle Do!

I took my macro stuff with me today, hoping to get some photos at lunch time. So as I sit looking out of the window, I’m reminded that it’s Glastonbury Festival this weekend, and so should have expected the rain to make an appearance… make itself comfortable, put it’s feet up and decide that it had enough of travelling for one day.

Still, I’ve got some more new toys to play with today – four studio lamps which I ordered last week were on the delivery lorry destined for our house – unfortunately – no-one will be in to take delivery of them. I can wait an extra day but I am eager to use them in conjunction with the Lastolite Hilight I bought last week as well. As I mentioned before, you may… just may… see some portraiture work on here, but I’m not promising anything.

It’s all spend spend spend at the moment; I think it’s probably best if I cut up my credit card, though I could do with buying a garden office/studio to house all this new equipment in.

As you can tell, there is very little time for any photography at the moment, and what photos I’ve posted to Flickr (and here) are hastily taken ones just to make sure I have something to post. A daily photo and blog have had a big impact into the way I think about photography and writing. I used to always see photos in daily life before, but now I’m actively searching for things I think could make a good photo which seems to have honed my eye (I’ve been given a cream for it and should be okay soon). Similarly, having found writing more than 100 words difficult when I started out, it’s now a case of trying to shut me up (I know this is something you’re hoping will happen soon!). Terry Pratchett‘s advice to people asking how to become a writer was to write at least 250 words a day even if you discard them straight away. So there’s my advice to you, you can disregard all that has been written so far!



  1. I noticed today that the thistles are really budding up now and getting travel reading. These things, while pretty in their own sense, are really a pain for me, because unfortunately they weed into my exhibit yards and once they’re there, it’s hard to get rid of them! Great picture though as well as your other pictures!

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