Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 21/06/2011

Violet Hill *

It’s getting closer. I won’t reiterate what, I’m sure you’re sick of the word Kenya.. oh damn! I’m slowly working through my ‘to do’ list for the trip – in fact there’s very little left to do bar working out what needs to stay, and what I can shoehorn into my pack.

Something else I’ve wanted to buy for the trip are some more graduated filters, which I think I mentioned. I’ve already got a set of Cokin z-Pro ND grads, but as I’ll be seeing the sun rise and set over the Masai Mara (awesome) I felt some coloured (colored) filters might help enhance the mood of the images. Sure, you can create such effects in Photoshop (other photo manipulation packages are available) but as you may have come to realise, I don’t actually enjoy sitting in front of a computer to process photos any more and as luck will have it, I don’t need to these days.

Finally… finally,finally,finally,finally… I’ve completed all I need to do for the exhibition and as soon as I’m given the nod, I’ll be straight round to display my wares. It also means I can forget about it totally and just concentrate on my trip (did I mention I’m off to Kenya? No? I know, I keep things pretty close to my chest!).

I’ve just realised I have really explained (in this blog) what a graduated filter is and how it works, so if you’re sitting comfortably I’ll begin. A graduated filter is a filter.. erm.. hello.. erm… are you there Dear Reader?? Oh no, I’ve done it again and managed to send someone else to sleep with all this talk of cameras! Oh well, sleep well – and I’ll save my explanation to another day (you lucky people!).

* it’s a coldplay song!



  1. Finally I’ve logged on! What beautiful photos!

    • Thanks – the recent photos are all a bit hurried so not perfect – the rose a couple of days back are from the rose garden here.

    • Hi Julie,

      There you are… at last! I’m pleased with the way the blog is going, especially as I’ve been showcased on WordPress as one of their top ten most prolific bloggers – out of over 248,000 individuals! Just returned from Kenya, so have loads of photos and waffle to accompany them! Dare you return though?



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