Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 20/06/2011

Seven More Sleeps

In exactly 7 days from now, I will be on the plane (bar any strikes etc) heading down the runway on route to Mombasa, Kenya. Now I can focus on the trip, it’s starting feel real and whilst I have a number of administrative tasks to complete before then, the excitement is starting to mount.

I’ve now successfully stuck each photo to it’s mount, for the exhibition, and each mount to it’s backing board. Each of the prints have been put into a clear plastic sleeve, all that remains to be done is to fasten the sleeve flap down and I’ve finished. This last task won’t take me very long and will certainly be less arduous than attaching the double sided tape to the mount – something that was incredibly time consuming as well as fiddly.

I’ve also just received the Sigma 2x extender I’d sent away to be fixed, having broken it earlier in the year. I had informed the Sigma repairs department when I initially contacted them that I was hoping to have it back before my trip. A note was made on their records that it should be sent back to arrive with me on Friday 24th June. I was more than a little concerned about this, so I was pleased when it arrived today. With both the 1.5x and 2.0x extenders fitted to the 600mm and factoring in the crop sensor size, I will have an effective focal range of 2,340mm! This should be more than enough to get some great wildlife photos, in fact I should be able to across the Masai into Tanzania.


  1. Andrew,

    Normally I only read blogs when I subscribe directly. Yours has gotten my attention indirectly because I subscribe to a Google Blogsearch on my (our) name. Every time you post, it shows up in my reader. It has grown from a sporadic surprise to a predictable and pleasant presence. Every time I click I know I will see a beautiful photograph.

    Anyway, I’m just writing to say congratulations on your plans in Kenya and to wish you the best as a fellow Andy (or Andrew) Skelton.

    Happy blogging,
    Andy Skelton

    • Hi Andy,
      (this might get confusing!) – thank you so much for your kinds words – and it’s nice (and a little strange) to meet another Andy Skelton. The spookiest thing if your Avatar – reminds me of V for Vendetta which I watched again only two days ago! I will be keeping my blog going whilst I’m away (I have some written already) – I might well try and update from Kenya (though may be not when in the Masai Mara!).

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