Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 18/06/2011

No Charge

Not much photography again today, but plenty to do with it. One of the spare camera batteries I bought online as well as a couple of UV filters turned up today. After charging the camera battery up fully, I tested it with the 1D4 and I’m pleased to say it’s indistinguishable against Canon’s own battery. Considering the cost saving I might end up buying another one or two.

I’m still finishing off the prints; they’re taking a bit longer than anticipated but I can see the finishing post now and a couple of more hours will see me finishing them off for certain… honest!

I’ve started to make a list of all the things I need to do in preparation for my Kenya trip; it’s a longer list than I had anticipated, more over the amount of equipment I want to take will leave little space for anything else. It’s not really conceivable to take all the gear I normally take when I go on vacation, as it usually travels with me – in this case the 600mm will be occupying all of my hand luggage allowance. Of course, now the lens is covered in it’s camoflage wrappings, it won’t be seen if anyone looks in the bag anyway.


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