Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 16/06/2011

There’s No Business (card) Like….

After all my waffle, here’s the proof of my labours, well some of them – the business cards having been delivered today. As you can see there are twenty one different cards, each having the postcard back on the reverse as you can see at the bottom of the photograph.

These are the images that will be displayed in the exhibition I’m putting the finish touches to. I’m hoping they’ll be well received, at A3 each of the photos certainly look impressive. I have to put together a small guide that will gives more information about each of the photos, with all the waffling I spew out each night on here, this last task shouldn’t really pose much of a problem.

The second of my purchases turned up today, the bean bag, and lens camoflage. I’ve already applied the camo gear to the lens, the only problem came when I tried to find the lens afterwards.. the camo gear was THAT good!

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