Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 11/06/2011

Not only but also

A day sat in front of several computers, with the radiation from four monitors helping top up my tan ready for Kenya. Perhaps I should use a stencil so that my tan will resemble elephant grass, allowing me to blend in better when out on the plains.

I’ve not taken any photos since my trip out on Tuesday, in fact the camera hasn’t even been out of my camera bag, not even today. I will be rectifying this tomorrow, as I plan to work AND play at the same time (I’ll let you decide which is which!) – in fact I plan to be doing two things at the same time… who says Men can’t multitask?

So how am I going to achieve this gender challenging miracle (I haven’t spoken for 18 years, Miracle!)? I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned the wireless remote control which can also redirect the video output when the camera has Live View enabled. This allows me to effectively be in two places at once, a good trick if you can do it!

This useful piece of kit will be going with me to Kenya (have I said I’m going to kenya?) with my 1D4 (have I said how awesome the 1D4 is? Actually I haven’t recently, so I’d better say it again…. the 1D4 is AWESOME). I’ve had a very bright idea (for me anyway) how I can perhaps achieve a number of photos that would require me to place myself in peril, but with this remote screen I can take them much more safely. I’ll leave it at that until I’ve tried the technique to see whether it’s even possible. It may have an added advantage, I should be able to sell my weights and still be able to build up my muscles. Mind you, if I use this kit as much as the weights then I’ll never take any photos (like that’s going to happen).


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