Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 10/06/2011

TGI Friday

I’m certainly glad to see the weekend approaching quickly, mind you that doesn’t mean I can escape to relax; there’s still a lot I want to do before I jet off.

I managed to make the changes to the business cards, select all the photos and deliver them all to the print room, so that’s one thing out of the way.

I’m about half way through printing all the images for the exhibition. One thing I have noticed is how alike the printer software and my car software is when reporting how much ink/petrol (gas) I have left. For a long time there’s a plentiful amount, and then the next minute I’m nearly on empty. If I were to calculate the relative costs I’d probably find that my car is actually cheaper to run than the printer – and that’s saying something at £1.35 per litre for unleaded petrol.

The next thing I need to prepare for, the weekend after returning from Kenya, is a photo session at the children’s football team I photograph on a saturday. The chap who runs the squad has had a rather fab idea, and I need to start working out how I’m going to achieve the results we have in mind. I might even see if I can get sign off to show it on here!

I’ve not had much time to talk about wildlife recently but today’s encounter cannot go undocumented. Among the copious lavender blooms that are spread across the beds beneath our lounge window, a lone thistle has managed to infiltrate the ground and is standing proud of it’s more fragrant neighbours. I’ve been meaning to evict this interloper each evening, but this morning I was heartily glad I hadn’t. My boy noticed it first and called me in, a top the plant dismantling the seed heads were two Goldfinches. They were unconcerned with our presence and we had a very wonderful 10 minutes in their company. Such delightful little birds, unlike most UK birds, they have very colourful and vivid plumage. Lovely plumage, the Norwegian Blue!


  1. Thanks SO much for this one, spent many hours waiting and watching, and even one second of sight in their wild habitat, is worth all the trouble and the wait. This is so sharpe.

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