Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 09/06/2011

Cooking on gas!

Do I look thinner? How about from the side? Well I should, I gave up my lunchtime today so that I could finish the design for my business card. With a few final changes tonight, as well as compiling what photos I’m going to use, the cards should be ready to send off to the print shop tomorrow so they can produce a proof, prior to printing.

I now have all the photos ready to be printed – in fact, hang on a minute whilst I start one printing now. Right, back now – did you miss me? Sita the Cheetah is now printing (sounds a bit like a Kinks song (try singing it to the tune of Waterloo Sunset!)).

Having had five minutes spare between arriving home and starting to cook the evening meal, I had a sudden brain wave for some new garden feeding stations. A quick sketch or two and I think I’ve come up with a solution that will allow me to achieve the types of photos of the garden birds I’ve been envisaging.

I bet you’ll be glad when I finally get this mini-exhibition out of the way so I can start talking about something a bit more interesting – how do you think I feel – I’m almost asleep with my own words – I have to live this 24×7 !!


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