Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 08/06/2011

Eye eye!

Yesterday’s course, in case you couldn’t tell, was fantastic and I’m so full of ideas but for the moment they’re all going to have to wait. With the course over and done with, I’m now focused (no pun intended) on getting the exhibition photos ready, as well as some business cards.

So far I’ve selected four prints which have been mounted and even if I do say so myself the A3 prints do look rather impressive. Unfortunately I now have to work through 94 other photos and weed them down to just 28. I suspect the photos will choose themselves as there will have to be some sort of theme within the plant and animal categories, whether it’s the colours, the subjects, the photo orientation (portrait or landscape) – plus envisaging what the photos will look like in situ.

So with that well on track it’s now time to focus on the business cards. After a lot of research, I’m going to initially go with a solution offered by the in-house printing department. The aim is to produce a business card that resembles a mini-postcard. Obbviously the picture side is pretty easy but I’ve been working on the blank side, which isn’t that blank unfortunately. It would have been easier if I hadn’t come up with the design, but I’ve started so I’ll finish.

Today’s image is of a Scottish Wild Cat; I know I haven’t discussed my photos much recently but I thought it important to explain the rather distressing looking affliction in the cat’s left eye. The cat looks as if it has a cateract (again, no pun intended, I’ve given them up for post-lent) but it is in fact an infection as confirmed by a vet. The cloudiness will clear, and the cat will regain it’s perfect sight back which is certainly good news but the cat’s misfortune was to my advantage as I think this photo is made all the more dramatic for it. If a remake of Terminator is ever made where there’s a part from a robotic cat, well I think one will be first on the director’s list for the part. In fact you could say it would be puurrrfect for the role (sorry, you an leave now!)

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