Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 07/06/2011

Don’t get too close

Not the fox, dear Reader, it’s more advice for you as I have spent the afternoon photographing fox, wildcat and otters and my clothing, well let’s just say it’s quite fragrant.

Following on from the last two days blogs, today was the Fieldcraft course run by Andy Rouse and which was held at the British Wildlife Centre.

Mr Rouse was his normal amiable self and the whole group seemed to really gel with none of that “my lens is bigger than your lens” type rubbish.

I can’t say I have any truly stunning photos from today, that was down to me, but I now have a new set of skills I can apply when I go out – plus I had a fantastic time watching the animals. The highlights, for there were two, of the animal encounter was this fox who came right up to sniff the end of my lens (which I’d put on the floor) something that was mimicked by a wildcat.

I’ve said time and time again, there are times when you just put down the camera and enjoy the wildlife encounter – these two were priceless.

Andy’s information wasn’t jargon laiden, he’s not a gear head, he’s an animal lover first and foremost – he prefers to describe exactly how a creature will react, it’s habits so you can predict what it will do, all which is done with a great deal of humour.

Mr Rouse runs a number of one day course, which I’d really like to go on now, but what I’d really like to attend is the trip he runs to Rwanda. More well known for the genocide in 1994 where an estimated 800,000 people were killed, as documented in the film The Killing Fields, Rwanda is also home to Gorillas, and it is these I would love to see in the wild. Better start saving!

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