Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 02/06/2011

Mother and baby doing well.

You’re going to start to see a number of photos of great apes on Flickr but none of them are truely reflective of these amazing creatures. Refering to them as animals just seems a bit odd. Being close to these hominids, you realise we really aren’t that different.

At one point, being close to an old chimpanzee, inches away i felt almost as if I could have a conversation wiht him/her. The Bonobo‘s are even more human like, their physique especially when they stand on two legs. At one point I thought I was witnessing people cast for a new version of Planet of the Apes.

The mother and baby in today’s picture was a wonderous site to witness. During the day I had watched as the mother Orangutan had carefully place her child’s hands on parts of a climbing net and allowed it to explore itself.

I went back to see the clan at the end of the day, after they had retired to their indoor enclosures. It was incredibly touching to see the mother hold her baby close as she nessled down in the bedding provided. After having wolfed down a treat from a keeper, a kiwi fruit, she tenderly stroked the baby’s head. Most of the time I watched and was incredibly moved by them, I even managed a photo that I think pays respect to these amazing creatures. I won’t be facile at the end of today’s blog entry – these creatures are amazing and we need to do all we can ensure their well being both in zoos or in the wild.


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