Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 27/05/2011

Don’t Look Back in Anger

Only five more days and I will be half way through my personal challenge, a blog a day for all of 2011 and more than a task, it’s now part of daily life. Admittedly it’s not always easy, or interesting or easy and interesting but I’m please that so far I’ve not missed a day. This in itself has posed a bit of a problem when away from home or away from a WiFi connection and will be doubly so during an impending trip, but I won’t say too much about that at the moment.

Whilst we’re taking stock, of the past 6 months, what else has been achieved? Well, I’ve already racked up the same number of visits to my flickr account as I did for all of last year, having reached 80,000 hits (in total) this week (you can do the maths!). I had set myself the target, this year, of reaching 60,000 views in one year which I’m well on the way to achieving… fingers crossed.

I’ve also got a number of people regularly visiting my blog as well as my flickr account. It’s amazing to think that my photos and words are interesting enough to part of other people’s day as well, it’s either that or people spend too long in meetings where they need a distraction.

Well, since writing that last lot of drivel and this lot of drivel, a delivery I’ve been waiting eagerly for a couple of days has arrived. Now I know this might sound a little strange… but at the moment the walls of my house are devoid of any of my photos. That is all about to change for more reasons than one. The package, before I forget where I am, contained a 24″ by 16″ canvas of the white rose that I featured (but not necessarily wrote about) this month (scroll down a bit and you should find it). I was really pleased with the image, let’s just say I’m even more pleased with it now. It almost looks… dare I say it.. professional! Perhaps someone mistakenly put one from Ikea in my delivery instead of mine.

This brings me on to another reason why there may well be more photos around the house soon, I have a mini-exhibition of some of my photos (about 22) at a local library. To say I’m excited about it is a bit of an understatement, and whilst it may seem a bit odd that I’m pleased about an event where less people will see my photos than the possible exposure they can have on Flickr, it’s something less ethereal and more tangeable that I think is key. Thinking about it, seeing 22 of my photos simultaneously and the impact that my “style” is probably more the reason.

As King of Hi-Vis melodically wafts over me, and the weekend rear’s it welcomed head, I think that’s enough reflections for the moment. Next month certainly looked like being an interesting one, beyond the exhibition, but I’ll keep that under my hat for the moment, a boy has to have some secrets after all!


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