Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 25/05/2011

The Best Things In Life..

I have the television on as I’m typing up this blog and am watching a preview of the Chelsea Flower show. I’d love to be able to go round on the press day and have the space and the time to photograph some of the wonderful blooms that have been shown.

I often have comments on the photos I upload to Flickr as to how beautiful they are but I’m doing nothing more than trying to reflect the majesty of the natural world and all it’s wonder. Okay, I admit perhaps my photos do show things off at their best (or worse) – I guess you could say I’ve been employed in the Marketing Department for Mother Nature (where are my sandles and kaftan!).

You may have noticed, after my blog laden with Cure songs that my continual musical references have somewhat fallen by the wayside. I only realised that today when, having listened to someone on national radio discuss their blog, I sent over the URL for this site. In my email I stated that I combine music, photography and general silliness only to find that my recent posts have perhaps only one of these three as part of it’s content (not very good marketing there!). Well, today’s title is a pretty obscure one – there a possibly many other songs with this title but I’m looking for one specific one.. here’s the first verse from the song… “My uncle Charlie is a cynical man, His wife’s a touch skeptical too, They’ve got one of those stickers in the back of their van, It says “We’ve seen the prices at the zoo” “. Did that help? Well it was by Half Man Half Biscuit, a quintessentially English band in their dry wit and observations and if I were to be on Desert Island Discs, I’d want one of their albums to take with me. Mind you if I were deserted on a desert island, you can bet there’s be little in the way of sunshine!


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