Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 24/05/2011


I could really cut (yes, I know it should really be copy) and pasted yesterday’s blog entry where I stated that I was wrong to think I had taken all the photos of the Bald Eagle that were possible (see, I should have just written that instead and saved you, Poor Dear Reader, from having to endure the longer version!) and (where were we in this sentence.. oh yes…) applied it to today’s image and blog entry of a King Vulture. Blimey, that was a long sentence, I’ll give you a few seconds to catch your breath… not that I’m stalling for time.

I finally placed an order, today, for a canvas print of one of my photos using the image from the 18th May of this year. I have a mini exhibition soon at a local library of my work and I’ll be displaying a mixture of canvas and standard A3 prints of both flora and fauna. There’s plenty to do before I’m ready but I’m very excited about the prospect of seeing my photos being displayed in a public place. This might well prompt me to follow up on a second possible venue, though it will be a while before I’m displaying in the Tate!

Back to today’s image; I think I’ve already expressed my appreciation of these birds (vultures), and that contrary to popular misconception that they are highly intelligent and scrupulously clean. Certainly the wing spans of the Andean Condor as well as the Griffon Vulture are more impressive than the King Vultures at 3.2m, 2.8, and 2m respectively but for me the King of the vulture family is, well, the King. Viva the King


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