Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 21/05/2011

Who let you lot in?

Was it the song… or perhaps it was the joke at the end… it can’t be all the other spiel I waffled on about…. so why on earth, yesterday, did I get three times as much traffic on the blog?

I’m not complaining of course, I just need to figure out what I did right yesterday so I can try and entice back all the people who visited.

Today… well, today has been like a ghost town. It’s not surprising really, it is after all the weekend and with the weather as good as it is at the moment there are much better things to be doing than sitting at a computer typing out your blog…. oh..damn!

Lots of photos taken again today but none for public consumption, having spent a couple of hours photographing a league match for the childrens’ football team I’ve mentioned before. Conditions could not have been better and with a good win and a draw, the atmosphere at the pitches was wonderful.

More flowers posted on Flickr again today; all from around my garden. With the absence of bird life it’s the one thing I can snap away at. Luckily the lavender is ready to bloom and with the fragrent flowers will come a miriad of insect life gorging themselves on the nectar from these plants. Last year we had a Hummingbird Moth visit the garden on two occassions (possibly more but I wasn’t there to witness it). It’s a spectacular insect, and one I would dearly like to photograph – I’ll have to patrol the lavender if I’m to capture one, so it’s time to brush down the combat gear, don the body armour and get out there. Well, it is a jungle out there (have you seen how many weeds there are?)


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