Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 20/05/2011

Eeeeeh, Coriander

(sung to the tune of the Macarena). Right, now I’ve firmly planted that tune your head for the weekend it’s time to turn my attention to the rest of today’s blog.

Having made copious excuses for my inability to post and blog about the tiny coriander flowers in the week, I purposefully set out to get a couple of good shots of these minute blooms last night. The lighting was perfect, with uninterrupted blue skies, there was little in the way of wind to blow the precariously positioned petals atop the spindly stalks so conditions could not have been better. Weeellllll, that’s strictly not true – I should really have used my tripod as any handheld macro work is liable to be blurred – thankfully the photos I took were sharp thanks in part to having braced myself against our outdoor table where I’d positioned the plant.

With the weekend breathing closely down my neck, I have high hopes for some good photographic conditions and opportunites this weekend. With a planned visit to the Hawk Conservancy, you may find a break from the recent string of flower photos (what do you mean, “thank goodness”?). I do have a new technique I want to try, using a wide angle lens (not something you normally use with wildlife), but it depends how close I can get to my subjects. If not this time, I should soon have a couple of trips that will allow me to experiment with the idea (so stay tuned…. PLEASE!)

Today’s blog title pastiche reminds me of one of my favourite jokes I heard this year.. “Whilst on a trip around Spain last year I visited the town Macarena… the place was okay but no need to make a song and dance about it” IThankYou (I’m here all week, try the fish)!

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