Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 19/05/2011

The Good Life

I’m spoilt for choice with today’s blog title, but I’ll come back to that in a short while. Today has been a gloriously sunny day, quite a contrast to yesterday’s inclement weather. Taking advantage of the bright sunlight I went out to see what other flowers I could photograph.

I had hoped to find a rather interesting plant which should have been in bloom at the moment, Menyanthes trifoliat or Bogbean to you and I. If ever there were a name that doesn’t bear any resemblence to the flower, then this plant is a prime example of such injustice. The flowers look incredibly exotic, and it was these that I was hoping to photograph as I knew where they have appeared previously.

When I arrived at their location, I couldn’t see anything for all the tall meadow grasses which had been left to grow down the banks of a large pond. As these plants do not like shade, the conditions were less than ideal. The real problem which will have caused failure of the plant to appear is more down to the very dry spell the UK has been experiencing the last few months.

Bogbeans, as the name suggest, exist in boggy/moist areas; the ground around the pond was anything but, having been baked hard by the continuous unseasonal sunshine we’ve had. Luckily this hot weather has been condusive for other plants to flourish, and I was more than pleased with today’s image of a large oxeye daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum).

So finally, to today’s Blog title; my immediate thought when looking at the picture was that of the opening sequence to the 1970’s sitcom of that name. Not to forget my musical allusion (not to be confused with Illusion (isn’t that the point of illusions?)), this is also the title of Weezer‘s second single of their second album (Pinkerton, if you were wondering, but then you knew that already didn’t you) and I’ll you choose which link you want to follow by taking either the Red Pill or the Blue Pill.

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