Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 18/05/2011

Cliché – A phrase or idea that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.

If ever there were a cliched image, this is one. Close ups of roses are a much overdone type of image, though that’s never stopped me before; there’s a reason why it’s become a cliche – it’s makes for a very pleasing image (if done well).

As no two roses are the same, the variation as well as the photo opportunities are endless, moreover as a photographer… a self-critical one at that.. I have to keep trying until I get what is the perfect picture. Having said that, I’m pretty pleased with this image, for once I wasn’t too worried about it all being sharp and in focus. The pale colour of the rose, lends itself well to a more soft image… good job, as with dark grey skies, and high winds (the air, not me) the rose was neither brightly lit or static.

I hope to print out this image, along with a couple of other similar photos, as a canvas to adorn our walls, though I do have an ulteria motive which I will blog about soon. Ooh the mystery, the intreague! What do you mean, what mystery/intreague?

With so many other cliched images to perfect, when the bright sunny weather returns I think I’ll have a go at the famous image of a certain female tennis player scratching her derrier!

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