Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 17/05/2011

I left it on the bus….

… the dog ate it… erm… it got flushed… okay okay, I didn’t manage to take a photograph of the coriander flowers as I said I would. Actually I didn’t manage to take any photographs tonight.. .shame on me!

I do have a legitimate excuse.. oh okay, I don’t… I just didn’t get round to it. Mind you, the weather and therefore the lighting has been rather poor; as such the photos would have been rather lacking… rather than lacking photography as is more the case.

Having been out in the garden at dusk, a Song Thrush was singing at the top of it’s voice. It must have been very close to the very back of the garden, where a number of holly trees are. This is the second time I’ve heard the bird calling from the same position. The trick now is to work out the best way to take the birds photo. Fieldcraft (that’s the best way).

I did ask the frog in the photo whether he’d seen my blog at all… he must have… he replied… reddit!*

* okay, okay…YOU try and do better, I’m here every night!


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