Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 16/05/2011

Not exactly what I had in mind

I did have a photo in mind for tonight, but being in a rush and with the battery on the camera nearly at empty, I wasn’t happy with the dozen or so image I took. So for the moment you’ll have to make do with some images from 2010.

So what was this earth shattering image and why did the QA department not approve of it’s release? As I’ve mentioned before, I like witnessing things that can easily overlooked, I also like cooking and having bought a Coriander plant (Cilantro to those across the pond), it surprisingly decided to flower. I’ve never seen a coriander flower before, they’re very small, and white… and small.

It was the flower diminutive size that caused me a few problems; attaching an extension tube to the macro lens, allowing me to get closer to the subject and increasing magnification, the depth of focus tends to be a few millimeters. I did up the aperture to f20 but still I didn’t managed to get everything in focus.

As such I decided, upon reviewing them, that I will have another shot at them, but this time I will ensure that the flowers are parallel with the camera sensor (plane of focus) thereby ensuring all the flowers are in focus.

If you didn’t understand the technicalities (it’s late, I’m tired, and I didn’t explain it at all well), just wait until tomorrow Dear Reader and I’ll try again. In fact I’ll be following King Julian‘s advice (no, not you Rob, the King Julian in today’s image) when I try and focus on the image “Come closer! Closer! A little more closer! Wait, okay, that’s too close. Take a step back, a little half step. Right there.”


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