Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 08/05/2011

Don’t say it!

If you don’t mention THAT advert, I promise I won’t. I used to like these creatures, they’re quirky, fun, and always make a good subject to photograph but after a certain marketing campaign I don’t have the stomach to snap them.

After a number of searches where I keep all my camera gear, I finally found a cable for my camera that had been evading me. The cable in question allows me to connect my camera to a video source, in this case to a wireless device that redirects the output from the camera to a handheld three inch screen. This, coupled with a second cable to the shutter release, allows me to take photos remotely seeing exactly what the camera can see. Now all I need to do is somehow get the birds back into the garden again – they’re certainly aren’t interested in the feeders, but again, I have a cunning plan more of which later.

This is the last from my visit to London Zoo over 10 days ago, from now on it’s more than likely going to be flower. At least it won’t be pictures of a certain rotund opera singer from an equally annoying advert!

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