Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 07/05/2011

A face only a mother could love

This is the first time I’ve seen bearded pigs and I have to say they’re fantastic animals. Pigs are often bigger than most people think, but these asian species seemed larger than most, almost tapir size.

They’re a gregarious creature, living in families; London Zoo, where this picture was taken, have between eight and ten of them which were all out rooting through the ground all following each other around.

What really struck me about the animals beyond their rather magnificent facial hair (and it get’s much bushier than this) was their pale eyes, though I didn’t manage to convey this in any of the photos I took.

Well, my comments about rain yesterday seems to have had an effect. During the early hours of the morning, the heavens opened and whilst there has been some sun during the day, I can hear the constant drumming of the drops on window as I type this. It will certainly help the flora and fauna, but it’s not really conducive for photography. The forecast doesn’t look much better for tomorrow so I suspect the camera will be set to one side again. Don’t think you’ve got away that easily, I will make alternate arrangements if I can rely on the sun!


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