Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 06/05/2011

Prayers for Rain

I can’t remember the last time it rained, I mean really rained, not that I’m complaining mind, from a photographers point of view there’s never enough bright light. The weather forecasters are looking to the sky and are predicting rain over the weekend, which I know plants and animals need but I am hoping to get out and photograph with such profusion of flowers around it feels just like heaven. Ever hour that I’m not out with my camera is bringing me nearer to all the blooms disintegration and there’ll be nothing left for me to photograph apart from desolate barren wastelands (okay perhaps I’m over dramatising the situation a little) with tumble weeds cascading in the hot arid winds.

If it does rain, I’d prefer the downpour to occur inbetween days, so that come morning, the cold and inclement night time weather will have been driven away by the incandescent rays of light from up high, keeping the vegetation lush providing food and water for birds, animals and insects.

Following on from my recent insect sightings (see what I did there?) we had another new visitor to the garden, a Cinnabar moth which I was able to catch in my hands to examine further. Once open, the moth sat patiently on my hand so I could take a good look, in fact so content was it I had to push it off! Similar in colour to the burnet moth, one major difference it the way it folds it’s wings. Moth’s tend to lay their winds down the length of their body so you can’t really see their abdomen, where as butterflies folder them upwards away from their body. I’ll be looking out for the caterpillars of the Cinnabar as they are what you’d call a real caterpillar, being black and yellow stripped, a warning that they are poisonous.

Well, the big hand is pointing to the twelve and the little hand to the ten and as I don’t want to be 2 late, it’s time for me to close. (if this blog seems a little strange, try following the links (and the title) – and you’ll see why!).  Normal service will return soon 😉



  1. Beautiful pic! 🙂

  2. Just found the blog Andrew…Excellent!



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