Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 05/05/2011

In the Pink

Back from a quick trip to A&E (tenuous blog title number 457), and my foot which I hurt three weeks ago doesn’t appear to have any breaks.

The last few days worth of flowers on Flickr (try saying that with your false teeth in) have all been taken on a visit to a local charity’s garden as have today’s photos. I remember taking a picture of an allium for the first time (and if I look through my photos I could probably give you the precise time). Whilst visiting a National Trust property I happened upon their more informal garden, and nestled in one of the borders was a couple of rather magnificent Alliums (it was the ‎28th ‎May ‎2001, at ‏‎12:47:24 – sorry I can’t be more precise than that!). I was taken with how structural they appeared as well as their intricate beauty.

Allium actually refers to the genus (below family but above species in the taxonomic top ten, pop pickers), which is more commonly known as the onion family. In fact Allium itself is the latin term for garlic, which is a member of the genus.

We’re more used to onions, garlic, shallots, scallions, and other members of this ‘family’ (not the taxonomic family, but the relative term – confused yet? I am and I’m the one writing it) producing blubs in the ground but there are some variets, commonly called Tree Onions, that actually produce bulblets above ground. Of these the one that most captured my imagination (and I hope I haven’t had too much cheese tonight, or my dreams are going to be REALLY weird) is the Egyptian Walking Onion. I don’t think they actually pull up their roots and move about independently but it certainly sounds more interesting and exotic than onion. I will now listen to the Bangles’ hit in a new light!



  1. Wow! Amazing picture, amazing flower!

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