Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 04/05/2011

But is it Art?

Tulips more than any other flower always remind me of the biological illustration of early explorers returning from far away lands. I think it’s the soft, muted colours which look as if one of the Impressionist painters had waved one of their brushes saturated with pale watercolour paints across each petal.

These rather clinical drawing (we’ve left the Impressionists behind now, just like that) have always held a fascination with me, whether it’s of flowers or representations of new and mystical creatures from far off lands. These were, effectively, the earliest types of photographs, where the artist wasn’t so much putting his ideas and visions into the illustrations but trying to best depict the subject as accurately as possible.

It’s funny how things have turned around, where photography is now as much an artistic medium as traditional disciplines. I’m not sure mine has reached the dizzy heights where it can be considered Art (John Peel’s producer and mentor, John Walters used to always ring a little bell any time Art was mentioned!) but I hope that one day I might improve enough where it can be considered as such. In the event I do, there’s no way I’ll be mimicking one of the greatest of all Dutch post-Impressionists, after all I wouldn’t have anywhere for my glasses to rest on.



  1. So simply stunning.

  2. This is a prime example of great art! IMHO. Some would disagree. Some will always disagree. But, what you and I and so many other do, is so much more than depressing a shutter button. Great post!

    • Thanks for the kind words. I know art is subjective, in fact there are days when I think my photos poor and other days I think they’re okay! either way I’ll still keep taking them.

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