Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 03/05/2011

Is that an Ent I see before me?

Don’t be deceived, this isn’t some fancy computer trickery recreating Treebeard‘s role in Lord of the Rings, no Ent‘s were used in the taking of this photo.

This was the last shot of the day after a visit to a charity’s garden open day. The tree was in the middle of the field that was being used as a car park and I was struck at how dramatic it looked against the clear blue sky. Luckily I had my Circular Polariser filter with me, on a 17-40mm L lens (they’re called L lenses because they’re one ‘L’ of a price!), which was perfect to boost the contrast of the photo. Examining the photo (okay, I know it’s called Chimping… ook!) I felt that whilst it was a pretty good shot, it wasn’t how I’d envisaged it and in fact I’d been thinking in black and white (an unusual state for me). Switching the profile from my usual setting over to monochrome, I took two shots and hey presto it’s exactly what I had wanted. The photo was more about contrast than colours and accentuation the gnarled branches and trunk of the tree.

I don’t often take Black and White photos, and what ones I do won’t find their way on to here too soon, being of family and friends, but I think once in a while it’s nice to try something different. Mind you, “A little bit of what you fancy, doesn’t do you any good at all“!


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