Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 02/05/2011

Scooby Doo where are you?

Where have all the birds gone?  I know Spring has sprung, and the birds are supposed to be on the wing but they must be doing it elsewhere as they aren’t frequenting my feeders or the garden.  It’s hardly surprising though, with an abundance of insects, grubs etc, there is very little need to venture further than is necessary, and whilst sunflower hearts provide a high energy gain for it’s size, flying takes up a lot out of the bird; moral, always go for the easy meal.
It’s a good job there are flowers a plenty to fill the void devoid of our fine feathered flying friends, so much so I feel like a kid in a candy shop (actually I’d like to BE the kid in a candy shop, hmmm sweeties…).  I have learnt one painful lesson though, well, not painful as such more  a bitter lesson.  With the bright sunny days, I’ve been wearing my sunglasses to help with the glare but it seems I can’t focus quite as well when I have them on, as I normally do and as such a day out photographing flowers resulted in a lot less “keepers” that I would normally expect.  Having said that there were a couple of pictures that I was very pleased with which should be on hear some time this week I suspect.
The last of the Waxwings are preparing to return to their homelands, but there is an abundance of summer migrants now arriving.  I’ve yet to hear the distinctive screeching of Swifts as they call on the wing, but Swallows have returned to some of their traditional haunts and whilst none of them are within walking distance I do know a spot where they land which I’ll be visiting.  I’d really like to photograph them as they gather mud at the water’s edge of a pond, pool or puddle which they’ll use to construct or mend a nest in which to rear their brood.  I’ve been thinking of building a miniature water feature to get such a shot and have some ideas how to make it portable, and I’m hoping it’ll be more successful than my teasel feeding station, which has only seen a Robin taking food from it.  Mind you, all birds need water, there was even a magpie at a bowl we leave out dipping a piece of bread in the water to make it more palatable. Presumably it would have preferred some olive oil and balsamic vinegar!  After all it was already dressed for dinner!


  1. Think I would have named this MISS MUNRO ,it looks like the famous skirt she wore…..

    • Hi June,
      Thanks for the comment; I hadn’t seen that in the picture but now you mentioned it, it does indeed, though Miss Munro had better legs.


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