Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 30/04/2011

Is this my best side?

I mentioned this bird in yesterday’s blog, it’s a Superb Starling, an aptly named bird if ever there was one. For me, the contrast of the bird’s eye and it’s black head is as striking as the vivid blues and chestnut breast.

As with others of the Starling family, the Superb ones are particularly noisy with their trills and chattering.

Another trait they share with their brethren, they are very gregarious,if you see one of these birds you can bet there’ll be others around somewhere. You might not see them, but you certainly will hear them.

There’s been a report of a Flamingo on the loose in the south of england, not far from where I live. I haven’t been out to see it yet but love how incongruous the sight of one of these birds in the familiar haunts where I’ve photographer tufted ducks, heron etc. I’ll certainly be in the pink if I do manage a photograph!



  1. amazing!

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