Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 25/04/2011

The Real King of the Jungle

Forget the Lion, sure it has big pointy teeth, sure it has an impressive mane but c’mon King of the Jungle? King of the open planes perhaps, at a push, but how often does it even visit the wooded areas? Surely the real King of the Jungle is the Gorilla.

This magnificent Silverback, king of it’s troupe, is a sight to behold. His brooding power and menacing stares are scary enough but when one charges close by, it certainly solidifies his positing in the regal hierarchy in my mind.

This is exactly what happened whilst I was standing watching this male. I’m not sure what sparked his sudden aggressive movements but one minute he was sitting dormant in the middle of the sleeping area and next second he was by the side of the enclosure looking up at a walkway into a rear, hidden sleeping area starring intently.

There are a number of Zoo’s around the UK that have collections of Gorilla’s; I want to photograph them more, they’re such impressive and interesting animals. I can only imagine what it’s like seeing them in their natural habitat. Perhaps one day.



  1. Meeting a real gorilla (especially a male) would be scary.

    • Wild gorilla’s and wild snakes – both things I’d love to encounter.

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