Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 17/04/2011

Here comes the sun!

I’ve just had the pleasure of nipping out in the car at 8.30pm and my Z4 (broom, broom)  was telling me that the outside temperature was 17 Degrees Centigrade. Not only has the longer night and profusion of flowers seemingly appeared out of nowhere but so has this rather unseasonal stretch of good weather. But who’s complaining!

I’ve not strayed too far today, in part due to my foot which thankfully has not got any worse (this blog is fast turning into a kind of therapy!) but I’ve still managed a few photographs. Both subjects for today post to Flickr were of flowers which are commonly overlooked but are as intricate and fascinating as any orchid or lily; the common daisy and a variety of gorse. As with many plants and animals, there are many more varieties of gorse than we realise, two of which were on the heath near where I live. Today’s photo is of the more commonly seen variety, with sharper prickles and with small compact flowers closely bunched together. I noted a second variety near by with much larger flowers,hanging down rather than being on the end of the branches as shown above. These gorse bushes were out of direct sunlight, which perhaps explains their larger flowers and less prickly leaves. I’ll have to investigate and research both of these another day.

Tomorrow looks quite promising. Not only does the weather look perfect but I’m going to spending most of the day at Marwell zoo. I’ve mentioned before that this is the nearest zoo to me (and that I’d prefer to be at Dartmoor Zoo) – and I’m so familiar with where light will be at the various times of the day I’m thinking of running a workshop for budding photographers there! So, who’s interested in signing up? Book early and I’ll work out an generous discount!! At which point I’ll leave you with the rather wonderful inspiration for today’s blog title.


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