Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 14/04/2011

Dance Girl Dance

The last of the batch from my garden centre visit,of a flower, a pansy,  most people are familiar with though may not have examined the bloom in such detail.

Posted on Flickr this afternoon, very quickly a number of people commented that they saw a lady dancing (hence the title of the blog, more of which later). I think she has her back to us and is swirling around on the spot, arms stretched wide, though I suppose it could also be a man, as in a traditional dance from Turkey, the Whirling Dervishes. As with any abstract piece of art, each perspective is different.

I was amazed, despite night having drawn in with only the sodium neon glow lighting the evening sky, that a robin was singing in our back garden at 8.30pm. Described as tuneful in a jazzy way with slurred melodies creating a slightly melancholic or wistful impression.

Certainly singing at this time of night will make any robin melancholic; there have been widely reported deaths of this diminutive garden visitor through exhaustion as the birds sing through the night. This is not normal practise of course, otherwise the species would not have survived very long, but is as a side effect of the copious amount of modern street lighting in towns and cities that can illuminate the blackest of nights as if it were still late evening. Not only is this not good for the birds, but it’s not an efficient use of our limited natural resources. It’s good to see some common sense with lights being turned off between certain hours of the night.

So back to the blog title, yes, it’s an easy reference to the photos but do you know where the actually phrase comes from? I’m sure that many references but the one I’m thinking of is a track of Cinerama’s first studio album “Va Va Voom”. One hundred points if you got that before I even said (-100 if you gave a typical Alan Davies answer)!


  1. hold me closer tiny dancer . . . beautiful

    • thank you – I was pleased with this image, and especially all the comments it invoked, always nice to have your work appreciated.

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