Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/04/2011

Pretty In Pink

At last, I hear you cry (and you probably frequently do whilst reading my blog), a return to the musical reference for the blog title. You weren’t? Why not? It’s not like I’ve chosen a particularly obscure song.

I’ve been tipped the wink, where I can find a field full of Snake’s head fritillary that are flowering at the moment. A very delicate and pretty flower, the prospect of photographing a whole a field of them has my shutter finger itching.

Fast approaching a few days off the weather has, naturally (as opposed to unnaturally) taken a turn for the worse. It’s not raining but the clouds have built up. Actually as one of the shots I have in mind requires a tripod, this might not be a bad thing, thinking about it. After all, a tempestuous sky can liven up an average vista and with a couple of ND grad filters, an average sky can be turned into a firmament fit for the apocalypse (queue the Four Horse men, as opposed to four hoarse men, wheeeze).

I’ve just been out to check the feeders and I’m positive that birds are taking food off the teasel. Having strategically distributed a number of dried mealworms in spiky seed heads so they wouldn’t fall out if the wind blew, there are only remnants of the dessicated grubs. This at least gives me some hope of taking the photograph I have in mind, though I somehow doubt it’ll be the bird I initially wanted, still a bird in the hand.. well, the RSPB will probably not be best pleased and tell me to let it go.



  1. So very pretty 🙂

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