Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 06/04/2011

Vorsprung durch Technik

An image fresh off the press, as they used to say. Taken two hours ago, before the last of the evening light had ebbed away, and the myriad of iridescent stars had peppered the firmament.

I had intended to spend the day light hours photographing the various feathered friends that visit the garden, and had made some changes to the feeders in an attempt to capture some more realistic images. So why the flower posted day, is this a sign that it didn’t work? Far from it, within ten minutes of adding in a branch across the feeder, it was being used as a perch by numerous visitors. I did manage a few pictures, but I wasn’t happy with where the hide is currently located and as the sun was no longer illuminating that part of the garden, it was time for Plan B (no, not the band),

Plan B, another cunning plan, was to test a new macro tripod head in conjunction with the gitzo one already fitted on my tripod. Another Manfrotto piece of kit, it allows for minute adjustments in the position of the camera, which when using large apertures (remember, large aperture=small f-stop) a fraction of a millimeter can be the difference of a good shot and a great shot.

I’m pretty pleased with today’s image. I purposefully wanted the Stigma to have focus with perhaps a stamen or two as well. Using Live View, I located the part of the image I was interested in and then slowly moved the camera on the new head until the very end of the stigma was as sharp as I could get it.

The blog title translates as “Progress through Technology” which I feel is an apt description for how the picture was taken though not one that really sums up the content of image. Will technology ever produce something as aesthetically pleasing as a flower? I want a 2000 word essay on this subject on my desk by Monday or you’ll have to sit detention for a week (where you will have to listen to me reading all my blogs). You may now begin.

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