Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 05/04/2011

Back to the Future

The present actually, this was taken this year (another time travelling journey of five years from yesterday’s photo) in January. As you can see the light levels were incredibly low, with no real key light source.

My next step is to try and rig up some flash guns in around the feeders which will be controlled wirelessly (a difference wireless than the shutter trigger though – otherwise it could get messy). Often referred to as Strobing amongst the camera fraternity, some interesting effects can be achieved out in the field and I’ll post some if and when I manage to get out with my gear again.

My attempt to lure the birds on to the teasels doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. I’ve put a combination of niger seeds and dried mealworms on the seed heads but I haven’t seen anything on them as of yet. That’s not to say birds aren’t taking the food, as some has definitely gone, but I couldn’t say whether this was due to feeding or simply the weather conditions knocking them off (I’m still hoping for the former). Still, it’s early days, and one thing you have to be with wildlife is patient.

Once the bad weather has receded I’ll be moving the hide, out from the dining room, to the edge of the garden and then move some of the feeders and props across as well. I’ve already got a small branch ready to try and use as a perch. Just need some more good weather – Rain Rain Go Away… and don’t bother coming back for a good few months please.



  1. Goog luck! I hope you get plenty of sunshine, chances to shoot and birds to aim at!

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