Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 04/04/2011

My how time passes

It seem like only last night that I was waxing lyrically about my 2001 photos, and here we are in 2006 already. Oh, yes, it was only yesterday – what can I say, it’s been a very long day (bit of an understatement but I won’t, for once, bore you with the details).

So how much of a change has there been from yesterday’s batch of photos to todays? I can only comment on the technical aspects, I’ll leave you to judge (and/or comment) on the aesthetics of the images.

This was taken “loaner” (not Billy NoMate, that would be loner) camera I’d borrowed from my Dad (Thanks Dad), but with one of the first SLR lenses I bought myself – a Sigma 80-400mm zoom. Whilst I can see the short falls in the lens these days, it’s still a punch, contrasty lens that’s one of the sharpest zooms I’ve used. The camera itself was one of the first real affordable Canon camera, the 300D and whilst still a bit slow to power up produces some good images – all three of today’s photos were taken with on a trip to Birdworld,Farnham in Surrey.

I’ve just realised my hair is starting to look a bit like the bird in today’s image, long with flecks of grey in it. That I don’t mind as long as I don’t start to mimic it’s beak – the last thing I want to see is a large bill in front of me. Boom Boom.

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